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WIN's Background & Mission

WIN was founded about five years ago by a group of Boston College women who felt they were lacking a space specifically for women in the tech field. In that time, WIN's community has grown to over 900 current members, and maintains a network of interested and passionate alumni. We are working to expand the topics covered in events, discussion, and mentorship, and are committed to continually bettering our organization and encouraging a psychologically and physically safe space for all. We look forward to this upcoming year, as we work to facilitate further involvement of arts & sciences, education & human development, and nursing students in our spaces.

WIN's mission is to "foster and grow the number of womxn passionate about working in technology and business by providing a supportive network of womxn and men at BC and beyond. We encourage womxn to be innovative, engaged, and fulfilled leaders through education, mentorship, community-building and career development.

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