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WIN's Ultimate Class Recommendation List

It's officially that time of year again...class registration is almost upon us! Trying to decide what classes and/or professors to sign up for? The WIN e-board has your back! Check out some of our favorite professors and classes below:

Challenge of Justice

Challenge of Justice with Professor Pope (or any philosophy/theology class with Professor Pope) is a BC favorite. We'd also recommend Professor Snyder for the course, as one board member says "he's the kindest human being"!

Business Law

A CSOM requirement but also an interesting class for any non-CSOM students! Our board recommends Professor Greene, saying "She's a queen for Business Law. She is kind and compassionate, and really knows her stuff!". We'd also recommend Professor Wesner, who our members found to be "such a good professor and made the class super interesting."


TechTrek requires an application, but if you get the chance definitely plan to take this course. It is a hallmark of the Shea Center and many WIN members, past and present, have participated!

Courage to Know

Freshmen: our e-board recommends taking Courage to Know, a first-year seminar on the freshman experience, identity development, and exploring what it means to live a life of meaning and purpose. WIN members are big fans of Professor Bracher and Professor Mulderrig.

Sustaining the Biosphere

Our WIN e-board loves Professor Hake for this course that counts as a Natural Science core, saying "it's a little quirky and makes you step outside your comfort zone, but it doesn't feel like a hard science (and there are no exams!)."

Business Statistics

As part of the CSOM core, most students take Business Stats freshman year. Our e-board recommends Professor Boardman-Liu if you're thinking about taking this course -- "she's super willing to help and really good at explaining material." We're also a fan of Professor Jernigan, who "does a great job explaining things and her office hours are super helpful."

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is another CSOM core that some students dread -- but having a great professor definitely helps ease the stress of a tough course! WIN recommends Professor Liu, Professor Yost, or Professor Kelly for anyone planning to enroll!


PULSE is a year-long service-learning course, usually taken during sophomore year, that counts for both your philosophy and theology core. While you won't be able to register for the course now, definitely consider adding it to your 4-year plan to take at some point during your time at BC! It is a favorite not only among WIN members but across the student body for it's reflective and intimate look at the communities of Boston.

Design Thinking

Professor Kristie Dickinson has the best energy and will make Design Thinking your new favorite class at BC. Be sure to sign up for this course for some smiles, creative freedom, and fun!

Marketing Principles

All CSOM students as well as anyone considering a marketing minor may be looking to register for Marketing Principles. You can expect to get a broad overview of the field of marketing in this course. Our board recommends Professor Min Zhao or Professor Hristina Nikolova!

Postwar: Art after 1945

An Art History course is a great way to fulfill your Fine Arts core. WIN e-board members recommend taking Postwar: Art after 1945 (or any art history class!) with Professor Lotery.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior is another CSOM core class that you have to take, but can be fun if you pick the right professor! WIN says "you'll never get bored in class on Monday nights with Professor Allen!"


The best advice we have is to figure out what's important to you. Does the time/day of the class matter a lot to you? Do you value having a professor who offers a lot of help outside of class? Figuring out the answers to some of these questions might help you decide on what classes to pick. And remember not to stress too much! The schedule you end up with at the end of class registration doesn't have to be permanent - there's always time to add/drop.

Have questions about courses not on this list? I'm here to help! Feel free to reach out to with any class-related questions, and happy class-picking!

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