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Female Founded Brand Highlight: Good Molly's

Delicious Healthy Snack Brand founded by Boston College Alumna and Female Entrepreneur, Molly Hamilton

Ever since Boston College graduate Molly Hamilton was young, she enjoyed baking with her mom. Once she had four kids of her own, she wanted to share with them her passion for baking and her childhood memories in the kitchen. Given that her kids had food allergies, she was determined to make them a treat that they could enjoy and that was good for them. With this ambition in mind, she pioneered her own healthy snack brand! Today, Good Molly’s is a tasty snack brand focused on redefining “treats” and bringing healthier options to market.

I wanted to share those same memories with my four kids, making something they would love, with ingredients that would love them back” -Molly Hamilton

All Good Molly’s cookies are:

  1. Non-GMO Project Verified

  2. Made with almost all Organic Ingredients

  3. No Gluten - Certified Gluten-free

  4. No Peanuts

  5. No Dairy

  6. No Egg

  7. No Soy

  8. No Tree Nuts other than Coconut

  9. No Additives or Emulsifiers

  10. No Preservatives

  11. Kosher Certified

In 2016, Good Molly’s (formerly known as Molly’s Bakeovers) made a special appearance on Colorado’s Best. Towards the end of the show’s cooking segment, the hostess opened up a package of Good Molly’s package chocolate chip cookies and, taking a bite, exclaimed that despite it being gluten free “it actually tastes good!” - she then handed the bag of cookies to her co-hostess, advising her “you got to try one of these because they’re really cool.”

Four years later, Good Molly’s is still amazing their consumers with both the nutritional value and the delicious taste! The four main flavors are Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip, Brownie Bites, and Oatmeal Raisin, but I suggest you be on the lookout - you never know when new flavors will be dropped! From personal experience, I can assure you that all flavors do an outstanding job of satisfying your taste buds. Not convinced yet? Take it from the testimonials of Good Molly’s below!

In addition to cookies, Good Molly’s also offers their very own Life is What YOU BAKE It Cookie Mixes! Unlike anything anyone has ever done before, this mix gives you three different ways to create one mix, allowing you to customize the product to your liking, taste, or diet. It is the perfect product for some tasty thanksgiving muches or family bonding!

Hurry and do yourself a favor this Thanksgiving by making Good Molly’s a part of your holiday experience!


To order and for more information, check out Good Molly's at...

Sunny working at Good Molly's cookies!

Written by Sunny Lee, WIN Director of Career Development, BC Class of 2022

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