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Female Founded Brand Highlight: Purely Elizabeth

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"Empowered women empower women."

At WIN, we believe that an important part of supporting women in the fields of business, technology, and entrepreneurship is amplifying their voices. To reflect this commitment, we want to showcase businesses founded or run by inspiring women!


Elizabeth Stein, Founder and CEO at Purely Elizabeth

...enter Elizabeth Stein! Even though her initial dream occupation was to run Disney World, Elizabeth Stein shifted gears to something just as impactful, if not more: pioneering her own empire of nutritious foods! As a certified holistic nutrition counselor, Stein launched her own food business Purely Elizabeth in 2009 to provide healthier, better-tasting alternatives to current offerings on the market. Prioritizing consumer health, she uses enriching superfoods and ingredients of superior quality. Purely Elizabeth's delicious products are non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, made with organic ingredients, vegan, free of artificial additives or soy, and made with innovative, nutrient-rich ingredients that enhance flavor and texture. Purely Elizabeth believes that food can heal you as consuming better foods will help you feel better overall!

The incredible brand offers pancake & waffle mixes, granola, bars, oatmeal, and even body scrubs. Fuel up on inspiration for recipes, meal guides, and more with Purely Elizabeth's resourceful blog! An awesome segment of their blog is the Purely Magazine section. As part of the Purely Spring Magazine 2020, Stein writes to her readers “I hope that our spring magazine will infuse a breath of fresh air into your recipes, your wellness practice, and your outlook. Our most radical changes in perspective often happen at the tail end of our worst moments.” As you flip through the pages of the digital magazine, you will find handy household recommendations and products ranging from adorable tinted glass vases to Stein’s favorite book suggestions. Celebrity and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is featured in this edition as she shares her favorite foods. Martha Soffer, doctor and founder of Surya Spa is also placed in the spotlight as she introduces her company and provides us with wellness tips from easing anxiety to getting a quality night’s sleep. The comprehensive magazine presents a series of healthy recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photos. An inspiring and informative read, Purely Elizabeth is truly here to help us thrive on our wellness journey! 

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Written by Sunny Lee '22, WIN Director of Career Development

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